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* Do you know what Email Forwarding service is?

Suggested article: Email Forwarding Service

The Email Forwarding service allows you to automatically redirect emails on the domain level from one email address to another. You can do a permanent email forwarding or temporary forwarding. Also, you can redirect many email addresses to a single email address.

There are many benefits of using the Email Forwarding service. Some of them are:

  • Ease of use. Receive all your emails into a single email address.
  • Use the Email client you like! You can use the email client you want and forward emails without a problem.
  • Save money! You can use multiple Email forwards for different group members and redirect them to a single email address.
  • Avoid SPAM - lower the number of emails you receive every day and make your inbox more professional.

As you already know, the Email Forwarding service is a great feature! If you want to learn more about it, you can check the following page about Email Forwarding!