Does Grey Match With Navy Blue?

Does Grey Match With Navy Blue?

Whether you want to make a good first impression or simply want to look fashionable when you go out to get your groceries, making sure you don’t break some basic fashion rules is important. There are a number of rules that determine which outfits look good and which flop. One of the most commonly accepted fashion rules is to avoid the dreaded navy blue and black color combination. Dubbed “blavy“, this color combination is sure to get you some strange looks if you are in a judgmental crowd. It is well known that navy blue and black don’t go together but what about navy blue and grey?

Does navy blue match with grey?

You might be wondering if navy blue and grey go together. If you have a white background, then the dark blue will create an elegant contrast. Navy is known for being masculine but with some light neutrals like grays or blues it can work on anyone. It also creates a sophisticated look that is not bold but still looks great. Many people wonder if they should go with a navy blue shirt with grey shorts/ pants or a grey shirt with navy blue shorts/ pants. While both of these options can be pulled off we believe that a navy blue shirt with grey shorts is the best option.

What shade of grey looks best with Navy?

There are a variety of different shades of grey to choose from. The Navy blue provides contrast and makes the grey appear lighter. We recommend selecting a light or medium shade of grey to create an elegant look that is not too bold but still looks great. If you are looking for something with more contrast, then we would suggest light grays like dove grays or off-white. Medium dark to light grays are the best pairing for Navy colored clothes. Even a heather grey cotton can look great with Navy.

Making sure that the colors of your outfit are a good match is important to creating a stylish look when you head out of the house. When looking for a great color that matches with navy blue, grey is a great option. Just be sure not to go too dark as it may appear black to the average passer by. It isn’t the end of the world but it would certainly be a more attractive look if you paired your navy blue pants or shirt with a lighter grey piece. Comment below and share your thoughts about whether or not grey and navy blue match.

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