How Old Should You Be When You Get Your First Phone?

How Old Should You Be When You Get Your First Phone?

Back in the early 2000’s it would have seemed crazy for kids to have a cell phone. Oh how the times have changed. Some kids today start using their own cell phone before they get to middle school. There are conflicting arguments about how old kids should be before they get their first phone. While there are many negatives to kids having their own phone at a young age, there are also many benefits. In this piece we will break down different arguments as to what age kids should get their first cell phone.

How old should kids be when they get their first phone?

There are a few different groups of parents who subscribe to waiting a certain amount of time before their kids get their first phone. On the one hand, there are those that don’t want their child being attached to electronics and prefer for them to enjoy the outdoors instead. Another group waits until middle school or high school so they can have more control and the ability to monitor their child’s whereabouts. There is no scientific answer as to how old a child should be when they get their first phone but there is a great deal of research that can provide a suggestion.

According to a study the average kid in the United States gets their first phone at the age of 10.3. This same study states that over half of the children in the United States have social media profiles by the age of 12. Todays kids are more connected than ever but that is note necessarily a good, or safe thing. Bill Gates states that he thinks kids should be in High School before they receive their first personal cell phone. Each of his own kids had to wait until they were at least 14 before they got their first phone.

Benefits of giving your kids a phone at a young age

There are many benefits to providing your child with a cell phone. One can be that they are able to learn digital communication such as texting and email at a younger age. This may give them a head start in technological literacy. Kids might know how to call 911 in an emergency and stay calm during a scary situation as they are more used to using the phone than someone who isn’t familiar with it yet. Learning responsibility, by making sure your child has been taught about cell phones etiquette’s. Another solid benefit is being able to track your child’s location to make sure that they are safe.

Cons of giving kids a cell phone at a young age

Just as there are benefits to giving your child a phone there are also negatives. Kids can be over stimulated by not having any time away from a screen. Kids might use their phone for things that are not age appropriate. Phones give children access to influencers who may not set the best example.

Kids are now getting cell phones at younger ages than they have before so it is important to consider the pros and cons of both. All things considered middle school seems to be when most kids get their own cell phone however there are some outliers who get their phone much earlier or much later. Comment below to share your thoughts about when you think children should get their first phone.

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