Best Shoes to Wear When Fishing From a Boat

Best Shoes to Wear When Fishing From a Boat

Shoes are one of the most important pieces of equipment to consider when fishing. Yes a rod and reel are important but without the right shoes you will have trouble gripping the deck of the boat and may even encounter issues with the sun beating down on the tops of your feet all day. By no means are shoes required when fishing on a boat but many anglers have found that shoes can be extremely helpful. Not all shoes are created equal though. In this breakdown we will go over the best shoes to wear when fishing on a boat as well as some shoes to avoid when on your boat fishing.

Best types of shoes to wear when fishing on a boat

When looking for a pair of shoes to wear when fishing on a boat it is important to consider grip, protection, and durability. Weight is another factor to consider Lightweight shoes are a great option for those who want to wear something comfortable and lightweight. These types of shoes will not weigh the person down while fishing all day but may have issues with grip on wet surfaces or in extreme weather conditions where things like wind gusts can make it hard to keep your footing. The best all around shoes for fishing on a boat are shoes that are designed for life at sea, or at the lake, or wherever else you may be fishing in a boat.

These shoes will likely be waterproof and come with a durable outsole that is non-marking. They will also provide good grip on wet surfaces, while the footbeds are comfortable and breathable too. Here are the types of shoes that bring together all of the features you should be looking for.

– Deck Shoes

– Boat Shoes

Worst types of shoes for fishing on a boat

Worst types of shoes for fishing on a boat

There are definitely some types of shoes that should be avoided when fishing from a boat. These shoes lack either grip, protection, comfort, or all three. For example, high heels are not a good idea because they lack grip and provide no protection. Athletic shoes are also bad for fishing from a boat because the soles do not have enough traction on wet surfaces like decks or docks, so you risk slipping often. Any open toe shoe is also a bad option to wear while fishing on a boat. Fishing line or even hooks can become wedged between your foot and a pair of open toe shoes resulting in a not so fun day out on the water. Here are a few of the types of shoes that may be great for summer, but should be avoided when fishing on a boat.

– Flip Flops

– Sandals

All in all fishing from a boat will help you get to better fishing spots and help you land the fish of a lifetime. Of course, this is not a pleasant experience if you are wearing a pair of shoes that cannot grip the deck or provide any protection. The only thing worse than slipping on your fishing boat is having to remove your shoe and find hooks lodged in between your foot! Make sure that you wear proper footwear the next time you go fishing from your boat.

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